Mary “The Liar” Nichols

I hate slinging mud, but she brought the fight to my door step, and I will not rest when my family’s reputation is on the line.


Missouri Small Businesses

Missouri is working toward building a local living economy through community, local ownership and advocacy. Small business is the backbone of America, and the materialization of our hopes and dreams coming to fruition.  They serve as vessels of innovation, employ talented, hard-working people and provide a significant number of jobs in the state; however, they also face unique challenges that can prevent them from competing with bigger businesses and achieving maximum success.  Healthy, fair competition is a cornerstone of our American economic system, but a business is only as successful as the people who own it, who work there and who spend money there. 

The Missouri Linked Deposit Program for Small Business provides low-interest loans to enable Missouri’s small businesses to grow. Eligibility guidelines have expanded to increase access to small business loans to companies with less than 100 full-time employees up from companies with less than 25 full-time employees.


  • Headquartered in Missouri.
  • Maintains operations and transacts business in Missouri.
  • Employs less than 100 full-time employees.
  • Borrower is organized for profit.
  • Does not currently owe any unpaid, non-protested taxes to the State of Missouri or any political subdivision.
  • Business has no unresolved environmental compliance issues with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

You can find out more about the program here: 


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